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Spring Tour 2024

Stay tuned to see where R20 will tour next!


One of the most exciting perks of Roaring 20 is the opportunity to travel around the world on our annual tours. These tours take us to extraordinary destinations and to all kinds of performance venues.

Every aspect of tour, including travel, housing, activities, dining, and, of course, performances, are planned and organized by members of R20 AND fully funded by the group!


Recent tours have taken us to Hawaii, London, San Francisco, Germany, Palm Beach, Toronto, the Dominican Republic, Paris, Italy, and Los Angeles.

Fall Tour 2022

This past fall, Roaring 20 went to Europe! We busked by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and performed at the Fundación Ortega – Marañón (FOM) University in Madrid, Spain.

For information on tour, booking us for a show, or connecting with us on the road, fill out the Contact Us form!

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