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Music Director
Business Manager

Jeb Carter '23

Jeb! is a very tall tenor from Atlanta, GA. His charming charisma, dashing smile, and witty puns are setting him up to become president (of what, we do not know) one day, but since he majors in mechanical and aerospace engineering, we will not be surprised if he becomes President of the Known Universe. In his free time, he enjoys playing piano, guitar, and tennis, but not all at the same time. And that’s not all! Jeb! can also sail and perform magic tricks! Jeb! would definitely be the coolest president ever.

Srija Makkapati '23

Srija brings all her amazing talent from her hometown, Ellicott City, in Maryland. She is certainly no stranger to music – she’s been singing since the age of 3, is an avid piano player, and also has perfect pitch! When she’s not dabbling in her musical interests, Srija enjoys coding with the Princeton ACM. Regarding her quirkiness, you are more likely to win the lottery than see Srija wearing shoes during rehearsal! Srija also has an amazing sense of humor and a contagious laugh, so if you’re telling her a joke and she doesn’t find it funny, you’re probably doing it wrong!

Anthony Guerra '23

Anthony is a strapping young man from Ridgefield, New Jersey. Though he majors in Computer Science, this tenor’s true passion is growing tangerines from the orchard he keeps in his bath tub. He claims they are from the hills of Madagascar, but we know the truth. Anthony is fluent in Spanish, Italian, and Japanese, and can count to ten in at least one other language. He is also an avid photographer whose Snapchat prowess and musical talents would put DJ Khaled to shame.

Tommy Kim '23

Tommy is a bass from Atlanta, Georgia, and he’s a molecular biology major. He’s that kid who does everything; he not only produces dulcet tones with his vocal cords but also beatboxes, plays the drums, breakdances, and cooks great chicken and salmon (maybe even all at once, we’re not sure yet). Catch him delivering deadpan humor, showing everyone the best memes, and zipping around campus on his tiny skateboard like nobody’s business, but he’s perhaps best known for his notorious evil laugh that will send *actual* chills down your spine.

Julie Wilson '23

Julie is an alto from Newton, Massachusetts. She majors in Psychology, on her way to becoming a doctor! Having begun her musical journey at the age of eight, she now plays the piano and guitar in addition to singing. She enjoys swimming, working with children, and laughing at almost anything. She once won 3 gallons of Skittles in a counting challenge and finished them in just two years! She also has a Truffle, named rabbit, (or vice versa?) who is very temperamental. Described by her parents as “a pleasant surprise,” she hopes to one day be as funny as her much older brother.

Chloe Chen '23

Chloe the Canadian™ was born and raised in Vancouver, which lies on the unapologetically west and best coast of America’s northern neighbor. When not bringing tears to the eyes of audiences with her soulful alto voice, Chloe can be found dancing like nobody’s watching, annoying her roommates with her iconic singing voice, and going for walks in circles due to her navigational challenges as a recent transplant to New Jersey. She also enjoys living vicariously as a professional chef through cooking shows and belting Taylor Swift hits to her biggest fan, her dog Maple. Between midnight rehearsals, Chloe enjoys eating foods that feel like hugs (namely, chicken pot pie and pho) and credits her many accomplishments to having the best mom in the world.

Sean Park '24

Sassy and classy, Sean brings his yummy rumbly bass notes from Mahwah, NJ. A man of many musical talents, Mr. Park is also a prodigious violin player who can be found playing in orchestra ensembles all around campus. His dream is to one day be in the orchestra pit for any Broadway musical. Aside from music, Dr. Park is on track to become a doctor or physician’s assistant, and he is passionate about health policy and reform in the US. If you would like to befriend Sean, you might try giving him Korean food, going running/biking with him, or being a dog.

Peter Ng '24

Peter is a booming bass born in Hong Kong and raised in Pennsylvania, majoring in ORFE. He's got a soothing voice that'll warm you on a cold winter day, so it's no surprise that—outside of Roaring 20—you might also hear him singing with Kindred Spirit and VTone. He also produces rap with his high school friend, so if for some reason you happen to be a record label viewing this, check him out! When he's not being a musical menace, you might find him shooting hoops, lifting weights, or destroying his opponents in League.

Harvey Wang '24

Coming from the faraway village of Parsippany, NJ, Harvey Wang is a soccer, piano, and clarinet player with subpar-to-adequate Korean pronunciation. Although he claims to have "no talents", he is an expert at losing League matches. One time, he was so busy thinking about the number 5 and pretzels that he got a deviated septum from getting kneed in the nose by his own teammate (the validity of this claim is contested). He majors in Computer Science, I guess. How original.

Melody Choi '25

Straight outta San Jose, CA, Melody embodies the classic Bay Area gal stereotype by majoring in computer science. Her favorite pastime is reenacting scenes from Parasite but playing every character herself. Melody got her name after her parents noticed she had no sense of pitch. This is why she serves as our pitch pipe — the starting note for every song is a complete surprise! Melody also brings the group’s sound together by using her high soprano voice to produce tones that only dogs can hear. This is why her biggest goal in life is to buy a giant mansion to house all the abandoned dogs in the world.

Anna Solzhenitsyn '25
"Lord of the Newbs"

Astounding alto Anna comes from the land of Manhattan, New York. Her favorite food being the impossible burger, she beats the impossible by not only solving a Rubix cube in 30 seconds but also lifting weights and beating everyone she encounters in arm wrestling. With her favorite face cream being java chip—coffee ice cream with chocolate chips—Anna retains not only many talents but also clean skin. 

Andrew Jung '25

Seattle-born and Denver-raised, Andrew is a spunky sociology major with pre-medical aspirations. A considerate young lad who could burst into song at any moment, Andrew hopes to become a trauma surgeon in the future (though, his career goals are quite ironic, considering he is a violist…). Speaking of violists, Andrew Jung is a violist. On a good day, his left arm smells like freshly squeezed pomegranates—who doesn’t love that!—and his favorite weather is Sunny With A Light Breeze.

Ben Kim '25

Ben, a terrific tenor, is from Orange County, California, but was Born in Korea (which is what his initials actually stand for). His musical capabilities are out of this world - he plays piano, a few chords on the ukulele and guitar, and one (1) single song on the violin. You might catch him solving a Rubik’s cube (but be quick! he does it in under 13 seconds), eating Chipotle, or he’ll tell you what note your last sneeze fell on! Majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Ben has a love for space, and his voice, clear and sparkling like a perfect night sky, will inspire you to share that love. 

Gabriela Cejas '25

Miami-born and raised in Oreland, Pennsylvania, Gabriela is a sensational soprano. Gabriela is an Economics Major, with certificates in Latin American Studies and History of Diplomacy. She even founded the Princeton PUEDO club for research in developmental economics.

If you are not already impressed, Gabriela can ice skate, as well as play tennis, piano, and bake. She can usually be found listening to the 1975, Bad Bunny, and Childish Gambino with her perfect pitch and reminiscing about the time she met the Pope.

Laura Hwa '26

Hailing from Taipei, the loquacious Laura loves lactose and the smell of laundry. She puts the "o"s in soprano as an ORFE major, but the corporate ladder isn't the only thing she'll be scaling. An avid rock climber and guitarist, Laura regularly bops to Frank Ocean and The Kid Laroi. She may be able to form a cloverleaf tongue, but with any luck she'll be scarfing down sushi on the salty sands of Hawaii, listening to the "backing track" of Roaring 20.

Tienne Yu '26

From Marlboro, NJ, awe-inspiring alto Tienne Yu is a prospective MOL student in the class of 2026. Tienne spends her free time grossing people out with her double-jointed fingers and engaging with music—whether it’s perfecting her fabulous violin skills, showing off her perfect pitch, or serenading her crusty white dog. Tienne owns a pair of well-loved fake Docs (‘focs’). Not only are they useful for her daily treks across campus to rehearsal, but they also protect her from the eight different types of grass she’s allergic to.

Sanjana Venkatesh '26

Sanjana Venkatesh is an alto from the beautiful town of Belle Mead, NJ. Having enjoyed choir and Indian vocal music in high school, she looks forward to continuing singing with the best acapella group on campus. Be careful when feeding her *uncooked* carrots though, she is very much allergic to them! Like many other R20 members, Sanjana doesn't wear shoes in the house. Her other hobbies include running, biking, hiking, eating new food, traveling, and playing the flute and tuba.

Maxwell Lin '26

Hailing from Mountain Lakes, NJ, Maxwell is a bass boasting a truly impressive lower range. Maxwell’s wonderful musicality also includes playing the piano, flute, and some guitar. On campus, you’ll most likely see Maxwell wearing a cool hoodie from his ever-growing collection while working on something ECE related (his major!), as he’s an aspiring quantum-computing scientist/genius. Off campus, however, who knows where Maxwell’s sense of adventure will take him? He’s already been to 5, almost 6, continents and is looking out for a skydiving opportunity. Do contact him about this - serious offers only.

Rachel Edelstein '26

Introducing soprano Rachel Edelstein! Aside from her amazing range, she is a master percussionist. She can play complex rhythms with her hands on the drum set, snare drum, bass drum, and timpani, as well as many forms of mallet/auxiliary percussion. She can also play rhythms with her feet as a tap dancer! Hailing from Long Island, Rachel is an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major with a certificate in Global Health Policy. You can catch Rachel listening to anything from Broadway hits to Ed Sheeran, or Jazz to R20 covers while drinking warm tea.

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