Class of 2020

Jenny Xin


Hailing from drought-ridden Palo Alto, CA, Jenny Xin is a faithful soprano member from the Class of 2020. Her talents are not limited to singing, however. She also plays piano (she has perfect pitch!) and ice skates in her free time. Catch her at Baker Rink doing her best synchronized skating routines. Don’t take Jenny to a pet store, though — she’s severely allergic to cats and dogs!

Eunice Kim


Eunice hails from Queens, New York City, and graduated from Stuyvesant High School (pronounced STY-ve-sent, not Stew-ee-ve-SAHN), where she cultivated her love for singing. A self-described lowkey FOB, Eunice loves to hum along to k-pop in her dulcet alto tones, wear Birkenstocks, and talk about going to the gym. She can be found not going to the gym, screeching along to karaoke in the worst possible octaves, or taking a nap facedown on the common room carpet in her roommate’s throw.

Michael Stambler


Michael is from West Hartford, Connecticut, a few stone’s throws away from enemy territory (#yuckfale). Outside of R20, you can find him (trom)bone-ing with the jazz band or swimming with the club team. He is a tennis player as well, making him one of the premier members of Fit20, R20’s exclusive pseudo-athletic club. His membership in Fit20 is well worth his while, for it provides the training he needs to make his daily trek to and from his abode that is an entire zipcode away from the rest of campus (aka not worth the walk).

077A0809 Ishy Anthapur


Ishy hails from the Western lands of San Jose, California. She loves every department at Princeton so much that she is majoring in everything. A master of sarcasm, Ishy brightens up every conversation with a clever remark and a fake but tasteful laugh. When not at Princeton, she’s always on the lookout for a new museum, a connoisseur of the finest wines and exhibits in the world.

Charmaine Chan


Hailing from Hong Kong, Charmaine is an uber-talented AB COS major and one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. Though on campus you can find her humming in the R20 room or dancing with Triple 8 and Más Flow, she’s not new to the triple-threat game: she’s been dancing in musical theater productions since middle school and even started her high school’s all-female a cappella group (but she’s always enjoyed co-ed a cappella more) (she wasn’t paid to say that). In her free time, she can be found painting, taking photos, baking cookies (and eating them), and watching Sherlock Holmes. The two things she hasn’t managed to accomplish yet, though, are eating a mango and becoming a magician– if anyone can help out, let her know!

  David Kim


One of 3 David Kim’s on campus, our David is positively one of the most unoriginal people around. David comes to us from East Brunswick, New Jersey with his major to be determined by his mother, most likely. Not only does he speak fluent meme, but David boasts running not one, but two Finsta accounts. David wasn’t much of a singer growing up, so he became a cello player. While he thinks he’s still not much of a cello player or singer, he enjoys playing in PUO and singing in the Chapel Choir (although he likes R20 the best). If Princeton doesn’t work out, he plans on joining the circus as a snake charmer.

Class of 2021

Bekah Park, Business Manager


From the lovely town of North Brunswick, the third best Brunswick in New Jersey (of four), Bekah’s life goal is to balance her love of food with her hope to someday diet successfully. A self-proclaimed cat-lover and owner of just one pair of jeans, she looks ~great~ in red, so joining R20 was really the only option that makes sense.  Her last name is Park, so naturally, her favorite book is The Giving Tree; give her all your trees.  And if you ever want a workout buddy, Bekah’s your gal (squids unwelcome).

She can be reached for business at

Joonho Jo, President


This is Joonho (“JUNE-ho”) Jo, a tenor from the Class of ’21. On the streets, Joonho’s been called “Yoon-ho,” “John-hoo,” “John-ho,” and worse. But don’t worry — Joonho only sees the best in us all. He’s been all over the world — birthplace in South Korea, boarding school in New Hampshire, archaeological digs in Italy and France… Joonho draws from these experiences and writes a lot as a hobby (not to mention cello and guitar and basketball–oh, and singing). The most important part of an outfit? Joonho would say “definitely the socks.

 Kirsten Keels


Ever played laser tag against a priest? Had your own screen play produced? Received TWO personal letters from Obama and Bush? R20’s very own alto, Kirsten Keels can check off all of the above. From a small town in Northwest Arkansas called West Fork, Kirsten has grown to love gulf fishing and crabbing, drive in movies, and of course, singing! Everywhere she goes, she lights up the room with her flamboyant dancing, incessant uses of the word “y’all,” and jokes on jokes on jokes.

Anson Jones


Hailing from Manhattan, Anson is her name, and jazz is her game! Coming straight out of the womb singing a low A, Anson sure knows how to pack a punch with her sweet yet powerful voice. One time, she tried to see if her musical skill extended to the clarinet, but she hated the instrument so much that she quit a year later. Sad reaccs only. You can find Anson on campus practicing with the Small Jazz Group A, the Jazz Big Band, the USG social committee, and *NOT* running because her knees are so bad.

Class of 2022

David Jensen, Music Director


David Jensen holds it down in the Bronx, NYC but was originally born in Texas (yeehaw).  His favorite food is “juicebox” and his least favorite food is alfalfa sprouts, although we’re not sure how he would eat “juicebox” considering that his favorite utensil is a spork. He once had an extra tooth in the roof of his mouth, but that didn’t stop him from learning how to play piano like a boss, thumb snap, and differentiate between his two cats coincidentally both named “cat.” The best angle to photograph him is from the front. David is also a board game master which he probably learned while traveling to 44 out of the 50 US states.

Charlotte Root


Charlotte Root hails from the capital of the great Hoosier state, Indianapolis. Naturally, then, she wishes to be the female version of Indiana Jones, and is majoring in Art and Archaeology. In addition to lending her beautiful voice to R20’s soprano section, Charlotte is a part of Glee and chamber. She also plays the harp (her favorite piece is “Africa” by Toto). When she was two, she ate half a lady bug: “Not a whole one, just half!” she adamantly claims. Despite this, she is anything but half-hearted, enthusiastically bringing the whole of her triplet-self to the group every day.

Jeb Carter


Jeb! is a very tall tenor from Atlanta, GA. His charming charisma, dashing smile, and witty puns are setting him up to become president (of what, we do not know) one day, but since he plans on majoring in mechanical and aerospace engineering, we will not be surprised if he becomes President of the Known Universe. In his free time, he enjoys playing piano, guitar, and tennis, but not all at the same time. And that’s not all! Jeb! can also sail and perform magic tricks! Jeb! would definitely be the coolest president ever.

Ella Pang


Ella is a beautiful soprano from LA and Mbabane, Eswatini. Named after Ella Fitzgerald, this vegetarian wishes to major in the history of science. When asked what the craziest thing she’s ever done was, she said it wouldn’t be appropriate for the R20 website. The craziest PG thing she’s ever done was when she shaved off part of her finger into a salad on accident, didn’t tell anyone, and proceeded to feed them said salad #fingerfood. Some of her interests include rock climbing, skiing, making friendship bracelets, and making her own earrings!

Class of 2023

Tommy Kim


Tommy is a tenor from Atlanta, Georgia, and he’s a prospective chemistry major. He’s that kid who does everything; he not only produces dulcet tones with his vocal cords but also beatboxes, plays the drums, breakdances, and cooks great chicken and salmon (maybe even all at once, we’re not sure yet). Catch him delivering deadpan humor, showing everyone the best memes, and zipping around campus on his tiny skateboard like nobody’s business, but he’s perhaps best known for his notorious evil laugh that will send *actual* chills down your spine.

  Srija Makkapati


Srija brings all her amazing talent from her hometown, Ellicott City, in Maryland. She is certainly no stranger to music – she’s been singing since the age of 3, is an avid piano player, and also has perfect pitch! When she’s not dabbling in her musical interests, Srija enjoys coding with the Princeton ACM. Regarding her quirkiness, you are more likely to win the lottery than see Srija wearing shoes during rehearsal! Srija also has an amazing sense of humor and a contagious laugh, so if you’re telling her a joke and she doesn’t find it funny, you’re probably doing it wrong!

  Anthony Guerra


Anthony is a strapping young man from Ridgefield, New Jersey. Though he majors in Computer Science, this tenor’s true passion is growing tangerines from the orchard he keeps in his bath tub. He claims they are from the hills of Madagascar, but we know the truth. Anthony is fluent in Spanish and Italian, and can count to ten in at least one other language. He is also an avid photographer whose Snapchat prowess and musical talents would put DJ Khaled to shame.

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